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While I was in Portland last week, I took my friend Renee down to NW 23rd Ave for some shopping. Once we got down there I thought we could stop into Lush - plus she said she needed some face wash anyway. And when I walked in, I immediately scurried over to the perfumes - BECAUSE GORILLA PERFUMES.

In case you didn't know, the fancy apothecary bottles perfumes that were launched last summer are only carried at a handful of stores in the U.S. None of the stores in Seattle, unfortunately, are part of that handful.

So in light of that knowledge, I smelled everything. And I made Renee smell everything. And I ended up leaving with this perfume, called Sun.
Isn't is pretty? It's like dabbing mimosa all over your wrist. I'm not kidding. Tangerine, orange, and slight effervescence give it the perfect notes for summer!
It's bright and citrusy without being too sweet, so great for everyday wear. Plus, it mixes well with other scents (shampoo, deodorant, etc).
I bought the 25ml size, mainly because it came with a dropper. The perfumes do come in a variety of sizes in different shaped bottles, but I liked this one.
This is definitely the perfume for those days you need a pick-me-up, or to compliment the inexplicably sunny days that have decided to join us up here in Seattle lately. We've had quite the variety of weather to say the least, and Sun is perfect for all of it.

Did you know that the name "Gorilla Perfume" originated from the guerrilla style events that Mark and Simon Constantine used to plan when the perfumes were being launched? And then they took the familiar pun approach and called it "gorilla" instead of "guerrilla," because you don't often see two big ol' British men marketing perfume, so they were the gorillas. So now you know!

What is your favorite summer scent? Have you tried any of the Lush perfumes? 

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