We haven't even reached Easter yet, and Mother's Day products are already upon us. Lush hasn't released them on the US website yet, but the UK is already gearing up for Mum's day. And since we get a little sneak peek at the products as employees, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you to get you even more pumped for these limited edition goodies.
The Mum - literally Honey I Washed The Kids in a reusable bubble bar. I, for one, prefer the reusable bubble bars instead of the ones you crumble, and it's one of my favorite scents, so hell yeah.
Tulip - another popular fragrance that doesn't get enough love is the Sex Bomb, but this version is almost nicer, more sagey.
Madame Butterfly - in case you didn't have enough rose jam in your life, here it is in a reusable wand!
Inhale/Exhale - I didn't think I'd like this bath bomb because I'm not a huge fan of Breath of God, but it's surprisingly relaxing as a bomb. Think Vick's Vaporub on crack. The inhale side dissolves quickly and the exhale side lingers on for a long bath to wind down.
Secret Garden - this thing literally smells like walking through one of those garden gazebo things with flowers climbing up all around you. It's perfectly floral.
The Mumkin - to be perfectly honest I'm not a huge fan of this one. It kind of smells like old raspberries. But I haven't taken a bath with it yet, so my opinion might change.
Rose - I was at first expecting this guy to smell like rose jam again, but to my surprise it doesn't! It's much more delicate, closer to Imogen Rose or Turkish Delight.
Wonder Woohoo - I haven't smelled this scent in quite awhile, but I love it all just the same. For your information, this bubble bar shares its fragrance with The Sun Gorilla Perfume that was launched last summer. It makes me want to buy that perfume even more now. Urgh, I don't need any more perfumes. It's bright and crisp citrus, without being too sweet. Too good. Plus, this bar is covered in glitter that Mark Constantine literally said "would get everywhere, even your woohoo." That cheeky old man.
Are you itching to get your hands on any of these products? They'll be online shortly in the US, and in stores in a matter of weeks. Will you be picking any of them up for your mommy dearest? My mom doesn't take baths, so I'm kinda shit outta luck.

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