Good Country People

I officially opened up the box of clothes that have been hibernating under my bed since September, and the first thing I grabbed was this dress. Where did I find this majestic little sun dress? At a hipster's yard sale in Tacoma last summer - for $1. I felt pretty proud of myself. When I got it last summer it didn't quite fit me across the chest, so now either I've lost inches under my armpits, or this thing stretched. Either way, I'm happy that I get to wear it. Plus, it's white! So I can wear it to work!

I had a long day ahead of me, so I paired it with my sister's combat boots for maximum long term comfort. If I wasn't doing anything, I probably would have styled it with my Sam Edelman 5-inch wedges. But I'm shooting an acoustic session at the Smith Tower in a matter of hours, so that wasn't an option.
How lovely is that weeping willow? Sarah got to 6th Ave before me and found this street and literally texted me, "turn on the road before Masa and drive down a few blocks, there's a sidewalk with a willow that would look cool." That's how we find out locations usually. Where are the least number of people? Where is the least traffic? Where is the light decent? Where can we get to easily? Sometimes those go out the door though.
While it's Spring, it's still only 57 degrees out, so the sun is deceiving. So I threw on this big cardigan my mom got me while she was in Texas a couple weeks ago. I kind of love that it's so long that it hides the fact that you can see my underwear through this dress. Plus, it's thin fabric so it doesn't get too hot.
I went simple on accessories - just a little layered necklace that I got on sale from Urban Outfitters online. I would never buy their jewelry full price, and I usually try to steer clear from buying jewelry from Urban anyway because they've been known to steal designs from handmade Etsy sellers. So don't do as I do. But it was like $7 on sale and I wanted to get free shipping so I added it to my shopping cart the last time I bought from online.

This dress is going to be perfect for Sasquatch. I can already feel it.
Can you see any of the dry shampoo I put in my hair? I hope not, because it's fourth day hair. Hell yeah.
Dress: Thrifted // Cardigan: AsIs Los Angeles // Boots: Steve Madden // Necklace: Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor

And for today's title, it comes to you courtesy of my good friend Kris Orlowski, who's playing at the Showbox on Saturday to release his new album Believer. And I've heard the whole thing. It's so good you guys. This song, "Good Country People," is one of my favorite tracks off the thing, so go listen to it on Pandora or buy the record when it's released officially on Tuesday. You don't be disappointed.

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  1. I'm kinda in love with this outfit. You look great and so relaxed, definitely a perfect outfit for festivals. Have a great weekend!
    xo Natasha
    The Night is Wild

  2. Beautiful outfit. Gorgeous photos. Oh my goodness.

    Jessica xx