Sikkim Girls: The Classy Seductress

I'm here with yet another product from Lush's holiday collection - Sikkim Girls lotion. If you remember last summer when we came out with all the new perfumes in the pretty little apothecary bottles? Sikkim Girls was one of those perfumes, and Lush decided to turn that scent into a lotion, and oh baby is it lovely.
The lotion is a thicker consistency, somewhere like a cross between Lovely Jubblies and Handy Gurugu. The scent is a family or darjeeling tea, jasmine, and tuberose - basically all the classy exotic lady smells put into one. I, for one, love this scent because it's so different from anything else we offer in lotions, and the scent does linger. For some reason it makes me picture an old movie in black and white set in an exotic location, like Shanghai Express or Casablanca. 

The only downside to this lotion is the price - a whopping $29.95 for 3.1 oz, where you usually spend that much for 8.4 oz. For reference, Handy Gurugu is $18.95 for 3.5 oz. It's expensive, but I consider this product almost like a collectors item because of the exclusivity of the scent. The ingredients in it are on the pricier side, so you're paying for the quality. One of the main ingredients - Rice Bran Oil - is also a natural sun protectant, so that's good to know.
If you like any of our jasmine scented Lust items, give Sikkim Girls a go. It's not the same as Lust by any means, but it's in the same family and the same vibe. If you love the scent already, there is currently a perfume gift set with a small lotion and small perfume for $45.95 that comes in a pretty wooden box.

There's currently one more day that you can order from for air shipping, so if there's anything you need to get anyone for Christmas, get it now.

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