Have I told you how much I love autumn? Well I'll say it again. I LOVE AUTUMN. 

And this day could only get better if my computer wasn't at the Apple Doctor getting surgery and the guy we were going to buy my new Toyota Corolla from didn't back out on selling it. I guess those both suck real bad. But on the bright side, We Are Scientists, the Head and the Heart, and the Lonely Forest all released new music today! In fact, this post is titled after one of the new songs off TLF's new record Adding Up The Wasted Hours (stream it here). I love it so much already.

I need to stop rambling.

Sarah and Alexis and I met up today in this cool old parking lot off Market Street in Tacoma to shoot, and it ended up looking pretty cool (even though I had to edit these on iPhoto and it felt dirty not using Photoshop).
I just got this sweater the other day from Marshall's when I took a trip to see if they had wedge sneakers. Why I've jumped on that bandwagon, I don't really know. They didn't have any sneakers, but I came out with this sweater instead. It's a pretty simple little number, good for effortless chic days, like this one.
I paired it with a skirt I thrifted from the Gig Harbor Goodwill several months ago. It's one of my favorite pieces I've found at our Goodwill, and I love finding new ways to wear it.
Why do I look so mad?
The lipstick I'm wearing is M.A.C. Red with Brick lipliner underneath, in case you were wondering.
These booties are also thrifted - from Urban Xchange in downtown Tacoma, which actually just came under new owners, so you should definitely check out the new digs. It's one of my favorite secondhand places to shop. These socks are my dad's by the way. I don't own that many pairs of socks that aren't ankle socks.
Speaking of Urban Xchange, this cross body bag is from there too.
Sweater: Marshall's (Jones New York) // Skirt: Thrifted // Booties: Thrifted // Socks: Dad's // Bag: Thrifted // Lipstick: M.A.C. Red

So needless to say, today was a weird ying yang kind of day, but I can definitely say that by the end of it, I'm happy. New music always makes me happy, as well as a good hair and makeup day. I did get a compliment on my outfit and how good I smelled from a lady sitting next to me at the Genius Bar though. Those always brighten your day, even just a little bit.

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