My Mathematical Mind

 I don't know entirely how the title of this post pertains to my outfit, but I guess the mixture of patterns and how they relate to each other is a mathematical thing, right? Am I wrong? I haven't been in math class in like 4 years. Maybe I'm over-analyzing things. I know that's a math thing. Right?

My best friend Laura and I went to a show last night - my friend Kris Orlowski was opening for Little Green Cars at the Croc in Belltown. I realized before leaving that I haven't seen Kris play since May, and even then I haven't shot one of his shows since November, so this needed to be rectified.
And this is what I wore to the show.
Silly dog.
Since it's fall, I've basically been wearing flannels over everything lately. I don't have a ton of sweaters, so this black and white flannel from Garage, as well as a couple more I've thrifted have been staples for the last few weeks.
Can we just appreciate my hair for a second? I braided it that morning damp and let it dry with a bit of hairspray in it, then curled some random pieces with my flat iron. I wish my hair did this naturally, but no it's straight as a board.
This aztec print top is actually a mini bodycon dress that I just tucked under the skirt. I wore it with the flannel in a lookbook I did for my YouTube channel, which you can watch here if you haven't already.
 I also can't get enough of this pendant from Popbasic. I've worn it almost every day since getting it.

Also aren't Laura and I cute?
Top: TJ Maxx // Flannel: Garage // Skirt: H&M // Tights: Target // Boots: TJ Maxx // Necklace: Popbasic

In case you didn't guess, the title of this post comes from one of my favorite Spoon songs. I was recently cleaning out my newly-loaded iTunes library after I had to wipe my laptop and reload everything and I have been listening to a bunch of old songs that fell by the wayside in my iTunes library before. This is one of them.

Have a great weekend!

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