I just really like plaid, okay.

In case you hadn't noticed, it's fall in Washington and I'm cliche so plaid is all over my wardrobe lately. I even found a black and white plaid flannel so I can wear it to work.  

While the classic plaid flannel circa Seattle 1994 is a staple in my wardrobe, I do dig some rocking the pattern in different ways too. These are some pieces I've been ogling at online this week. 

Plaid is a timeless pattern, and it's just the right amount of casual for me. It will forever read with a vintage vibe, which I love. And when juxtaposed with a otherwise feminine cut dress or pant or shirt, you've got something really cool. Plus, with something like the first skirt, you can do "schoolgirl chic" in a snap. 

See some of the ways I've rocked plaid in the past - 

How do you rock your plaid? Let me know, because I could always use some inspiration. 

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