Wishful Thinking: July

This month's wishlist is kind of weird. I'll admit that. 
"Abby, a trashcan, really?"

Yes friend, a trashcan.
You see, I just redid my room, and the old bathroom trashcans just don't cut it anymore. I need more space and more swank for my room. This one from Urban Outfitters may do the trick. It's so cute! And from what I saw on the measurements, it's a good size too.

A couple pieces of jewelry I've been loving are these two, the Pac-Man ring from Queenspark seller on Etsy, and the collar tips from the Bohemian Collective. The Bohemian Collective is yet again another recommendation from Estee, and I gotta say - I love it. I can't wrap my head around those stupid above knuckle rings though. Not even going to try and understand those.

A couple Lush Retro goodies I've been eyeing - Sonic Death Monkey shower gel and Smitten Hand Cream. Oh god I need these in my life. Sonic Death Monkey is literally coffee, chocolate, and lime, and it's a reference to High Fidelity. What more could you ask for? Smitten also is supposed to smell like marzipan. Basically I just want all the things that smell like food.

The last bit of coveting comes from my favorite couple of assholes - We Are Scientists. The guys just released a new single, "Something About You" just in time for a bunch of shows in the UK this month, and I want this single so bad. I want it more than a lot of things. The first song off side A is so good and I cannot wait to hear side B.

See you back here tomorrow for something new!

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