We've all heard the old criticism - "leggings aren't pants!" I say - "if your shirt is long enough, leggings are certainly pants."

 And I have been obsessed with leggings lately, which is weird because it's summer. But these ones are from See You Monday, which I got from Hot Topic of all places. Whould'a thought that Hot Topic would be stylish? Not me. I haven't shopped there since like... 10th grade. But as a way to satisfy by obsession with printed leggings, Hot Topic is there to comfort me while I ogle at all the expensive Black Milk Leggings. I did actually buy two pairs of leggings when I bought these, and if you click through the link above I dare you to guess which ones.
 For awhile, I hated the printed legging trend, but that might have been because everyone and their mother was coming out with galaxy leggings. These ones are unique, and can go with a ton of different tops. Since I was working this day, I paired it with a sheer top from Torrid over my lace cropped cami.
 I love this look - it gets some stares when I walk down the mall corridors on my way to work, but when I put my apron on over it no one knows that my shirt is rather sheer. It's one of the many perks of wearing aprons at work.
 I think my favorite thing about these leggings is the effect you get when walking. The white inner stripe is so unexpected, and gives a ton of visual interest to an otherwise blah outfit.
They are definitely difficult to pull off though - but with a shirt long enough - who gives a shit really? I'd say just try them on before jumping head first to see if you like the way they look because the way the line goes will look different on all different shapes.
 Do you like my new hair? I had it cut in my last outfit, but my hair was up so you couldn't get the full effect. I love how simple and classic it is. The middle part was something I never thought I could pull off again, but my face has thinned out over the last few years so it works much better for me now.
Top: Torrid // Leggings: See You Monday // Shoes: Thrifted Naturalizer // Earrings: Target // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor // Lipstick: Mac Candy Yum Yum

The song for this post is one of my favorites off Menomena's new record, Moms, which you should most definitely check out. So good.

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  1. It's unfortunate that you'd say that being a size 8 is pushing it with these leggings, because it's really going to discourage readers who are size 8 or above to express themselves through fashion if they happened to like them. I was a fan and thought they were cute but once I read that comment I remembered I was a 10 and it definitely gave me a twinge of insecurity.

    1. I didn't mean it to discourage anyone. :( I actually just went in and added some clarification - it's mainly the way the line goes that will vary based on how people are shaped, not necessarily their size. So people should just try them on if they can before buying them.

    2. I agree. But I am much larger than an 8 so I was definite on not being able to get this beauties. :(

      x Gigi

  2. As long as they're opaque, leggings are definitely like pants