My So-Called Style

 I realized yesterday that I channel a lot of 90s references for my outfits. Clarissa Explains it All, My So-Called Life, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Clueless, you name it. I think the only outfit I haven't tried to emulate is Kelly Kapowski, because come on - I'm not a tween at Coachella.

But seriously though who could wear that now and get away with it?

I know a lot of trends that are happening now are so "grunge-centric" and I love myself some Singles every so often, but the 90s were not all about grunge. The 90s also included gems like Clueless-
-Ten Things I Hate About You- 
- And of course, the Spice Girls. -
Now I'm not saying that we all need to rock some Adidas sweatpants and sky-high platforms with fish in the heels, but it's definitely fun to look back and see how fashion is cyclical. Friends, we've come back to the 90s. Us "millenials" have reached a fashion impasse. Damn I hate the term millenials, because it puts me in the same category as 13-year-olds and that ain't cool.

A couple of my inadvertent style icons lately are as follows. 

Angela Chase, or Claire Danes circa 1994.
Look at that crochet vest and skirt combo. Mmm.

Clarissa Darling, or Melissa Joan Hart pre-Sabrina The Teenage Witch.
Not gonna lie, I'd probably wear that. My mom certainly has.

I don't know why we're so fascinated with the 90s fashion lately. For me, it might just be me emulating the stuff I saw when I was younger, from the television to movies to the old photos of my mom in her ill-fitting jeans. For the people my age, that might be just it. We're subliminally revisiting our childhood through fashion. It certainly isn't what the little teenagers are doing though, because they were either toddlers or zygotes during the 90s. Nothing against the tweens, but working in a mall has made me hate a lot of them for various reasons.

I found a few of my outfits that exemplify my 90s.

Babydoll dresses
Pinafores and sneakers
 And the coup de grâce - the flannel around the waist.

Now all I need to complete my 90s fashion collection - a pair of sexy Doc Martens.
Dawson feels my pain.

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  1. your style is so effortlessly cool & you're a mega-babe! i love pairing the overalls with the orange heels.

  2. Platforms with goldfish in the lucite heels is an early-'70s thing (I was there, I remember) that the '90s revived.