A Day in Poulsbo

If you're ever in Seattle and have a day to kill, I highly suggest taking the ferry over to the Kitsap Peninsula. We've got gems like Poulsbo, Hansville, and Bainbridge Island is a short drive away. I've always felt like Poulsbo was our little secret here on this side of the water - the tiny Scandinavian town with so much charm and whimsy that you never want to leave.
My mom took my sister, her friend Courtney, and I to Poulsbo this week for lunch randomly. They've got great restaurants, great views, and free parking. What's not to love? Poulsbo is like what I wish Gig Harbor was. We're called the "Maritime City," but lately there's nothing "merry" about it.

Plus, it's just a short 30-minute drive for us (30 minutes is short for us, it takes me an hour to get to Seattle and 45 minutes to get to work).

Perhaps my favorite thing in Poulsbo is Sluys' Bakery. Not only do they have that famous Poulsbo bread, but you can get lefse any time of the year! We only ever make it at home around the holidays because it's a messy two-day process.
Luckily my mom managed to find some gluten-free options for my sister, as well as some other goodies for us to take home. I honestly think there's nothing better than the smell of a bakery. My grandparents' house used to smell that way, but since my grandmother died 11 years ago it's just not the same. This is the next best thing.

They really go all out with the Scandinavian theme there. Odin's brew? Really?
And Viking murals. Gotta love it.
I made Libby and Courtney pose for some outfit photos while we were there because the weather was so beautiful, and this is what I got.
Psst, my sandals.
Courtney, aka Snow White.
I love this bag that my mom found at a flea market, with a vintage cover of the Seattle P-I printed on both sides. 
Dress: Marshall's // Bag: Thrifted // Hat: Vintage // Shoes: Minnetonka

Next time you make it out this way, please check out Poulsbo, you won't regret it. 

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