GETTING TO KNOW: Lush "Love Lettuce"

For some reason, I wanted to start my series with the most exfoliating and intense masks, that way if my skin had an adverse reaction, I could use the calmer, more moisturizing masks to fix it.
Thankfully, Love Lettuce didn't give me an adverse reaction. 
Much to my surprise, "Love Lettuce" doesn't actually have any damn lettuce in it. I've listed the ingredients at the end of the post to save you the trouble of visiting the link (you can't buy it online, so it's not all that helpful anyway). This is one of the masks I've come to recommend to people with oily and acne prone skin, and I definitely am going to stick to that after using it. It's very cleansing, and incredibly exfoliating. Both the ground almonds and ground almond shells make it a very scrubby mask, so it's nice to scrub with a hot cloth after letting it sit for 10 minutes or so.
This mask not only made my face feel clean after using it, but it had a very soothing feeling and pleasing scent. The lavender is naturally balancing, so it helped with redness in the skin, and the honey was brightening so overall my skin looked and felt "glowier" after using Love Lettuce.

You will have to moisturize shortly after using this or else your face will feel tight because of the clay in it. I found out the next night that using a toner tab (or even just plain hot water) to steam the face before applying the mask helps with that tight feeling. To remove this mask (and all the masks), rinse off with warm water first, then go at your face with a hot washcloth to cleanse and get off any extra dried bits (make sure to get the bits out of your eyebrows, seriously).
I popped a pimple on my forehead right before applying the mask, so that's where the red splotch is coming from.

Overall, I enjoyed using this mask, but it definitely wouldn't be one that I would use all the time because of my dry sensitive skin. I don't need to be exfoliating hardcore all the time, and this would be for one of those times maybe after traveling and your skin is feeling fatigued. Other than that, oily folks - you'll love this. It cleans really well and the clay absorbs the excess oil. Next time you come into Lush, ask one of the girls (or guys) to open up the sample pot for you to smell. It really does smell wonderful.
I'll try not to make such a weird face anymore.

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  1. This sounds really good! I'm going to have to ask for a sample next time I go to Lush. Thanks for sharing. :)