She's A Handsome Woman

 I haven't been this excited about an outfit for a long time. I was so excited about this outfit that I wore it twice this week - on Monday, and then again today when Sarah and I wanted to shoot. 
 I mean, can you blame me?
 These pants. Ooof, these pants. I got these from a garage sale down Tacoma a few weeks ago, and I had submit to the fact that they weren't going to fit me. Well I don't know what happened - if I lost an inch in my waist in the last three weeks or if I was just real bloated when I tried them on before, but they fit me now. And boy do they fit me well. I literally want all the trousers now. ALL THE TROUSERS. Guess how much I paid for these puppies? $1. ONE DAMN DOLLAR.
 The one problem with these pants is finding something to go with them. The waist is really high, so you have to wear something cropped or you have to tuck everything in. So I paired them with this vest from Romy (similar) and my cropped bra cami from Victoria's Secret (this is becoming a theme, isn't it?). Then I threw on this Merona blazer from Target over top. It's just a really nice simple blazer, and it's a small and surprisingly fits me.
 I love the details on the vest in the straps and the bottom hem has this old world feel to it, which definitely adds interest to the outfit.
 I also haven't worn these wedge heels in a long time, and I needed a simple shoe to go with this suit. Yes I'm calling it a suit. These are the Fergalicious Tiny Too wedge heels from Famous Footwear. I got them 2 years ago and I'm surprised that they're still available on the website. They have very roomy toe areas, so I suggest getting a foot pad for inside the shoe to make them more comfortable, since these don't have any platform in the toe.
I don't know if you can tell, but I put more blonde in my hair last night, but it didn't do a whole lot besides making my roots blonder. I'm getting annoyed with the red. I'm going to Sally's tomorrow to try and find some stripper and toner for my hair because I just want my natural dirty dishwater blonde back.
Pants: Thrifted // Vest: Romy // Cropped bralette: Victoria's Secret // Blazer: Merona for Target // Shoes: Fergalicious by Fergie // Lipstick: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in Pourpre Preview

I've been thrifting the next couple of days, so expect some new pieces for upcoming outfits. Also, Sasquatch is next weekend and I'll have to give you guys a little sneak preview of what I plan on wearing in case you need any ideas. 

Also the song this post is named after is a Panic! At the Disco song from their record Pretty. Odd. I miss that band. 

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  1. Your glasses look amazing with this outfit! Super cute.

  2. Wow, I LOVE this outfit! I've definitely been favoring a more masculine style in my outfits lately, so I'm all over this look. It looks SO beautiful and flattering on you, too!

    - Samantha

  3. Is the title a reference to a Panic at the Disco song?
    Just wondering. By the way you look fabulous.
    I have a vest similar to yours, but it is green corduroy (okay, there is no similarities except the fact it's a vest).
    Anyway, I like your style.