Sasquatch Outfit Roundup

I'm back from Sasquatch guys! I got home at 5 a.m. after driving four hours from the Gorge to West Seattle, then en route home. I slept for a good five hours and then just drank the biggest cup of coffee, but I wanted to share my outfits from the weekend with you before diving into all the concert photos that I'm drowning in. Seriously about 35 GB of photos and videos. It's going to be a long day.

But enough rambling.

 This day I wanted the easiest and comfiest outfit possible, and since the weather was absolutely spectacular, I threw on my cropped cami underneath my flannel. This flannel ended up being a lifesaver all weekend.


This day I was most excited about. I wore my blue mascara and pulled back my greasy hair and that awesome crochet lace dress and I was set for the day. The nice thing about the maxi dress was that when it got really cold during Sigur Ros that night, I could cover up my legs (and I did bring in a hoodie that day for when it did get cold. I paired it with my Madden Girl studded combat boots for my version of comfortable. They helped keep my feet warm at night.

 And here is the return of the flannel. I should seriously just do a post of like "three different ways to utilize a flannel." Would you guys like that? Anyway, I brought back my cutoffs as well to pair with this fringe top from H&M. It's super breezy and a perfect combination for a festival. I brought the flannel in case it did get cold (which it did) and when I wasn't wearing it I tied it around my waist. Remember when that was a thing? Now that's some 90s right there. The 90s are coming back in a big way and I don't need magazines to tell me that.
 Here's a bonus shot of me and my sister that day - my mom insisted that we take a photo together. This day I showered from a cold spicket and I actually didn't mind how my hair looked to be honest. But how cute is my sister?

So Monday was all sorts of a mess. I was tired, my hair was gross, everyone was sick of each other, and to top it all off - it was raining all day. I'm glad I at least brought a pair of long pants, even if they were unflattering mom jeans. I had every intention to cut them off, but the weather surprised us so they were essential in this time of need. And I had this super cute outfit picked out too! I had a duster vest and a hat, it was perfect! Though definitely not weather appropriate. But, amidst all the crazy, I forgot to have someone take a picture of my outfit. I can't say I'm disappointed because those jeans were ridiculous.

I'm tired. I'm beat. I've got thousands of photos to look at, and that's just the beginning. But, it was all worth it. Sasquatch is my favorite part of the year and every year it keeps getting better for me. This year it was no different - phenomenal.

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  1. Seriously your hair looks great, I love all three outfits! Oh and your sister is so cute. Her tattoos are sick. (in a good way)

  2. You look really happy, and the dress is my favourite. Make a montage video!


  3. I love the dress, it looks amazing on you! And you're completely right about your sister. She's super cute. I love her tattoos!

    Laura Neuzeth

  4. Love the first look. You are beautiful <3