What beauty products should I bring to a music festival?

So Coachella is this weekend, well it starts this weekend. It's not my festival of choice, but since it is quickly approaching, I thought I'd finally post the beauty part of my festival series.

My video for Thursday on my channel will be a large collective tips video for packing for festivals, but I'll get a head start here.

Try to fit all your beauty products and toiletries in a gallon-sized sandwich bag. It's easy to find things, it's sanitary, and it will make you downsize if you had a lot of products in mind.

As a general rule, I pack light. I feel like it should be self-explanatory, but better be safe than sorry. Ditch the day and night creams for one overall moisturizer (with substantial SPF as well). Ditch the bottled cleansers and makeup removers for makeup wipes. It's easier, faster, and lighter to carry. And if you are one who must have an expensive moisturizer if that's all your skin can handle, decant it into a smaller container so in case you spill or lose it - you won't be devastated and out $40.

Also, though I feel like I needn't remind anyone - sunscreen for the LOVE OF GOD. And not like a lame SPF 25 - I'm talking at least an SPF of 45. Anything above 60 seems unnecessary, but 45 is preferable. I like the spray bottle sunscreens because it's easy to do yourself, but if you want an excuse to get a cute guy at the campsite next to yours to help you with your sunscreen, stick to the lotion.

There's a good chance you won't get to take a shower at all, let alone several times during the festival (unless you're taking the expensive route and staying in a hotel), so bring a wash cloth, medium-sized towel, a swimsuit for if you do get the chance to spray yourself off with a hose, some body wash and dry shampoo.

DEODORANT AND HAND SANITIZER - It's bolded for a reason. If you can't shower, bring heavy-ass deodorant to at least trick yourself into thinking that you're clean. Hand sanitizer is also a must because you don't know how clean (or unclean) the thousands of people around you are, so just bring some, if just to refresh your hands after sweating like crazy in the pit for Wu Tang Clan.

APPLY EVERYTHING WITH YOUR HANDS. You seriously don't need a dozen brushes to apply foundation, powder, eyebrows, etc. Cream shadows, cream blushes, BB cream or tinted moisturizer, and lip stains are your friends. Also waterproof mascara. For the love of god bring waterproof mascara. Lip stains are a much better option than lipsticks because they tend to not smudge, they last longer, and they fade nicer. Plus, you can apply your SPF lip balm over them several times a day and it won't screw up the color.

If you like going all out in terms of your makeup - a bright lip or bright mascara is the way to go for festivals. It's one step, it's fun, and it will pop in pictures!

Another general rule I like to follow is - stick to drugstore. Stick to inexpensive stuff because you never know what could happen. Stuff could get lost, stolen, stepped on, peed on, who knows. Don't bring your $30 Lancome liquid eyeliner and get all sad when someone else leaves the cap off and it dries out. Bring the $1 ELF liquid liner if you want a liquid liner. I personally wouldn't even do liner and tempt smudging and transfer. Leave the liner at home.

Keeping that in mind, here are some good options for what to pack:
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
  • Any BB cream (Korean ones generally have more coverage than US ones)
  • NYX Cream Blush (it's the only drugstore brand I've found that has permanent cream blushes in their line)
  • Brow pencils instead of brow powder
  • Maybelline Great Lash colored mascara
  • Yes to Cucumber Makeup Cleansing wipes (there are a ton of other brands you can find in the drugstore)
  • Suave dry shampoo 
 I hope this helped, and look forward to my full video on the matter tomorrow on my channel!

Best wishes!

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  1. Hand sanitizer is great for getting rid of sweat smell, so if you can't shower spread some under your pits and boobs (and any other places that get sweaty and smelly) before deoderizing and you'll both feel fresher and probably smell better.

  2. I enjoyed this post. I saw the video a week or so ago too. :)
    Revlon has awesome cream blushes too. They are drier than the Nyx ones, more of a cream to powder finish. Although, they are on the pricey side for drugstore, but with sales/coupons you can save a few bucks. I have the Coral Reef color. Probably would pick up the pinched color too if I saw it on sale.

    I've also used lipstick as blush before. This weekend I was at the beach and then we went out that evening. All I had with me was a matte coral lipstick and concealer and I already had mascara on. Actually came out better than I expected.