Complimenting Parts

Look at me, mixing my patterns again! Sorry I've been so missing in action with my outfits the last week - I've been getting some stuff together for a big post here and a video for Saturday. And sometimes getting a good day to shoot around here is hit-or-miss with the rain these days. Today, however was too beautiful not to shoot.
So Sarah and I met at this park down off Jackson where her husband Julian plays soccer with some friends and shot in the little playground by the field while Jude was napping.

 I found this skirt in my dresser last week when I cleaned it out to move everything into a new dresser, and I realized I'd completely forgot I had it after I bought it last year. I absolutely love the attached little shorts underneath the sheer maxi skirt, as it gives a little bit more sex appeal to the basic maxi skirt.
 Skirt: Forever 21 // Top: BDG - Urban Outfitters // Booties: Thrifted - Urban Xchange // Belt: Target // Headwrap + Earrings: // Lipstick: OCC Nylon Lip Tar - Sephora
  l love the mix of the larger feminine pattern on the t-shirt and the small subtle spots on the skirt, and it's essentially the reason I titled the post the way I did. They compliment each other. That ain't literal at all. (By the way, it's a song from my friends Campfire OK in case you were wondering)
 I'm amazed that my face didn't do some weird things here, because lord knows I made weird faces.
 I absolutely love this headwrap from Glint and Gleam Shoplately that I got the other day. The pattern reminds me of the Partridge Family with the retro colors and birds. Unfortunately this specific one is sold out, but they have a ton more designs on Shoplately. I also like the look of these kinds of headbands lately, because I feel like my head doesn't work the turban look that's so trendy right now, but these types of headbands have the same knotted effect of a turban.
Also can we talk about these booties? I should have stood on the street for this photo so you could see the full beauty of them, but trust me they're a great thrifted find. I saw them when my sister and I brought a bunch of clothes to Urban Xchange a couple weeks ago and we got $59 for our junk. Since we got so much money I had to use some of the store credit for these. Good life decision, I'd say.
 We tried this cliche shot and it was just when I looked at the pictures when I realized how big my cheeks can get. Wow.
 Thank you Tacoma, for having such beautiful weather today. It made everything better, even if the wind coming off the Narrows was really freaking cold. Also, I'm super happy with how fast my hair is growing. I was able to put it into braids today!

Big post coming your way pretty soon! In the meantime, check out all my festival tips for those of you heading to Coachella this weekend. 

Best wishes!
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