Weekly Etsy Roundup

I've decided that I need to start listing items on Etsy more often, because I've got a whole rack full of clothes sitting in my garage waiting to be adopted by someone. Yes, that's what I'm calling it. 

So in the spirit of keeping myself in check, I thought I would do weekly roundups for items I've recently posted. That way if you're interested in vintage, you can stay in the know! Most of the items in my store right now is clothing, but I do have a selection of accessories. So feel free to browse my whole shop when you click through the photos. The more I sell, the more it makes me post new items!

I still have a bunch more items to list, but hopefully Sarah and I can get those shot within the next couple of weeks. I also might do a blog sale for items that I can't sell on Etsy (obviously non-vintage items, and beauty products), because I do have a ton of beauty products that I could stand losing. 

I hope you like these, and see you tomorrow!
Btw, go check out Sarah's outfit that we shot today: Short girl, long skirt.

Best wishes!
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  1. OMG I wish we were the same size. That floral dress is AMAZING. I love it so much!