Review and Swatches! NARS Lhasa from the Spring Collection

I got a couple new eyeshadows awhile ago, and I took pictures of them the other day - so I'm gonna do a blog post darnit!

Since this was my favourite, I'm going to start with Nars Lhasa, which I caved and bought after Cami from Camiloveskiwi did a rather large haul including this beautiful eyeshadow. She actually did a blog post about the Spring Collection that this was a part of. It doesn't particularly look springy, but Nars has blushes called Orgasm and Deep Throat, so they don't really give a shit what people think.

Lhasa is a medium gray lavender taupey color with sparkle, and it's so pretty over a taupe base. It's a great everyday color, and quite wonderfully pigmented. It just makes me feel fancy.
As much as I love taupe colors, they don't compliment my eyes very well or my skin tone that well either (I'm pink toned and have green eyes). Warmer color eyeshadows tend to look better on my eyes, but this is a nice little purple tinged taupe so it's better than a lot of other similar colors I have seen.
It's well pigmented, and soft but not too soft. I don't regret buying this eyeshadow, because it's so damn pretty, but it was quite expensive. And it didn't outdo my love for Urban Decay or Stila, so I probably won't buy any more Nars eyeshadows, at least not anytime soon. It was $24, but you get a TON of product - 0.07 oz, almost 2 grams (MAC eyeshadows are 0.05 oz, 1.5 g for comparison).

I was very tempted at the time to pick up Valparaiso pure matte lipstick from the Spring Collection as well, because it was the greatest matte formula I have ever tried. And it lasted for FOREVER, but when I put it on I felt like the colour was really similar to MAC Rebel, and it was, so I opted out. But the finish on the Nars lipstick is way nicer than the Satin MAC finish.

I'll be back with another new eyeshadow post tomorrow, and I promise sometime this week I will post my blog sale. I just have to take A LOT of pictures.


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  1. I saw Cami's post too, and really want this, but I don't have a NARS counter anywhere near me so would have to order online, and am kind of loath to spend that much when I cannot see it in person! Is it similar to Satin Taupe? I have green eyes and pink skin but look better with cooler colours, but that might be because I tend to wear those sorts of colours too. Oh, and thanks for saying the lipstick is similar to Rebel, because that puts that lust to bed as well, since I already have (and love) Rebel!

    1. Satin Taupe I believe is more brown and has a bit more pink in it, and it's a lot shimmerier. Is that a word? I don't have Satin Taupe, so I can't compare right next to each other, but from the swatches I have seen, Lhasa is a lot more lavender.