Top 10 Outfits of 2014

I haven't honestly done an outfit post in months. But since I did a countdown last year of my favorite looks of the previous year, I figured I'd do another one this year. It's only fair. My style has come a long way. And I promise to get back to outfit posts soon. I just need to convince my roommates to go shooting with me. 

And without further ado...
... my favorite looks of last year!

There is honestly nothing that fancy or outstanding about this outfit, it was just comfortable as hell. And I love me some denim.

This look featured two of my favorite thrifted finds ever in the history of time (Oxfords and sweater), and of course denim.

I wore this outfit out to lunch with Lana and Sarah one day, and I still love it. It's so very 90s, and my hair looked great that day.

I've only worn this skirt a handful of times, but whenever I do - I feel so sparkly and glamorous. This was no different. Also it was the first time I realized that my hair looks best on the third day.

This day with Lindsay was super fun running around the Kids Gig, and this muscle tank was just about the coolest thing I've ever found at Hot Topic (little did I know I'd be working there 5 months later). Also the teal shorts! TEAL DENIM SHORTS!

 5. #1 Must Have
I finally got to rock this flawless denim jacket for an outfit. Flawless denim is always a must.

Clearly I'm a fan of denim. I was also quite proud of this Free People find at Nordstrom Rack so I couldn't wait to show it off. I also rocked this same outfit when I saw We Are Scientists about a week later, so it has good memories.

Any time I get to feel like Alex Turner is a good time. Black jeans and a well-fit blazer? Sexy as fuck.

This was the first outfit I posted all year, and it's still one of my favs. One of my favorite band tees with a perfect oatmeal sweater? Hell yeah.

1. Good Country People
I don't know what it was about that last look that I loved so much. Maybe it's fact that mom got this cardigan in Texas? Maybe it's the fact that this dress was $1 at a yard sale? Maybe it's the beginning of my Stevie Nicks phase (which should be just a Stevie Nicks LIFE at this point, amiright?)

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  1. So pretty! That blazer though is top notch.
    Any chance you'd post what you got for Christmas? Any clothes?

    1. I could certainly do a blog post about what I got for Christmas! I wasn't planning on doing a video, so this could be cool. I did get one pretty awesome piece of clothing from my sister that would be fun to show off.

    2. YES. Perfect! I am stupidly nosy about what presents people get. Thank youu :D