Long-Lasting Mermaid Locks

If you hadn't noticed by my videos from the last month and a half - I have teal ombre hair.
I've been loving it a whole lot, but with this fabulous color comes a lot of upkeep. And that's more upkeep than I normally need.

The first thing you need to make sure you do - WASH YOUR HAIR WITH COLD WATER. Make sure those colors won't run!
As far as shampoos go - I use Blousy and Trichomania shampoo from Lush the most regularly. They're the most gentle on my hair, and the least stripping. Yay!

For conditioner - I use a nice rich detangling one like American Cream. The lanolin in American Cream is especially nice for processed hair - because once the hair has been bleached, it wants to stick together a lot more so knots happen way more often. It's kind of obnoxious. So with American Cream, I also use R&B leave-in conditioner. Basically condition the shit out of your hair.
For those days when you don't really want to wash your hair but feel the need to - a dry shampoo is a must. It stretches out the time between washes, thus making the color last longer because you're washing it less. Math! My favorite is No Drought from Lush (I know, I know - I'm a broken record...but hey - it works!)

Well my fellow rainbow-haired friends - I hope those tips helped. I know they've been keeping my color strong and vibrant!

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