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I photographed a friend's wedding last night, and it got me thinking about what songs I might want to play at my future wedding. When it comes to fantasizing about my dream wedding, the first things I think about are the music and who will take the photos. Predictable, aren't I? I could care less about the shoes or if my bridesmaid dresses match or if I even have flowers. But if the music isn't on point and the photos aren't what I want, I'll cut someone. 

Maybe I'm overreacting, but you know what I mean.

This first song is the song that when I heard it for the first time I thought - BAM, FIRST DANCE SONG. The rest are in no particular order.

1. Excuses - The Morning Benders

2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

3. You Changed My Life - The Thermals

4. Be My Baby - We Are Scientists

5. Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys

6. All My Days - Alexi Murdoch

7. Who Knows Who Cares - Local Natives

8. Falling For You - Weezer

9. Hey Boy - The Blow

10. Let's Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats

11. After Hours - We Are Scientists

Some of these are obvious choices (like the We Are Scientists ones), but I kind of love the silly songs I chose. "Hey Boy" would be a perfect one for the throwing the bouquet, or if the bridesmaids did a choreographed number. Okay, I need to stop thinking about this and distracting myself from actually editing the photos from the actual wedding instead of fantasizing about my unforeseen future wedding. It always happens after these things, I swear to god. 

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