(Don't You) Forget About Me

It has been way too long, people. WAY too long. 

I've acquired some new items this month, and I needed to show them to you in all their summery glory. 

Yesterday, my pal Lindsay and I drove out to my elementary school to hang around like creepy hoodlums and take pictures of each other. It's summer, school is out, okay? It's not weird. The only souls we came across were about a dozen rabbits hanging around the woods. So many rabbits.
For today's post, I'm showing off the new shorts love of my life - these high-waisted teal Bongo shorts I found at Urban Xchange a few weeks ago. I saw them on the rack and I thought - "pssh those are too good to be true," but I tried them on anyway and lo and behold - they fit perfectly.
I paired the shorts with this new muscle tank I picked up from Hot Topic (yes Hot Topic) last week when I went shopping with my sister. They were having a "buy one get one 50% off tanks" sale, and I saw this thing and had to have it. The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies, and this tank not only features the cast on the front, but the entire essay Brian writes to the principal printed on the back. I love it.
So in the spirit of The Breakfast Club, we went back to school. Way back to school.
It was actually quite weird being back at Discovery Elementary - I haven't visited in years and it still looks exactly the same. I finished 5th grade back in 2000, so it's been 14 years since I rode away on bus 81 (or was is 19? I don't quite remember which bus I was on that year).
I was in middle school when my mom was the food coordinator for the building of the Kid's Gig, but I was still very much a part of the construction of this playground. It's pretty cool seeing my mom's name immortalized on side of the thing, knowing that she fed the entire construction crew with absolutely no budget that summer, entirely through volunteers and local restaurant sponsors. It was a memorable summer, for sure.
And I guess this summer has been quite memorable too. My friends Rachel and Chris finally moved to Seattle. I have prospective roommates and we're looking for a house (hopefully to be in by the end of the month). I was the knight in shining armor at a bachelorette party last weekend. My cousin is getting married next month. We Are Scientists are coming back at the end of August. And over Fourth of July weekend I drank champagne and went swimming in my underwear in Lake Washington at 2 a.m. with some amazing friends - new and old. Now that was a night to remember.
I'm running with the memorable theme today. I guess I just associate summer with fond memories. I just hope people think of me as fondly as I think of them.
Gah, so cryptic today.

I'm getting insanely off topic. The rest of my outfit is pretty damn nostalgic. Frilly socks with boots - so 90s. Bowler hat? SO BLOSSOM. I love it.
Top: Hot Topic  ||  Shorts: Thrifted (Urban Xchange)  ||  Boots: Thrifted (Urban Xchange)  ||  Hat: H&M  ||  Belt: Thrifted  ||  Socks: Topshop

I had to do the fist in the air pose. Judd Nelson in that movie is one of my many spirit animals and I had to do it.

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