Dancing Shoes

This was not the outfit I put on yesterday. I had on different shoes, but since I had some time to kill, I stopped at Urban Xchange in downtown Tacoma for the first time in a few months, since I had some store credit to spend.

Once I got there, I found them. I found these beautiful sequin Sam Edelman Oxfords. I thought, "these can't fit me, they're too good to be true." I tried them on, and it's as if the clouds parted (granted it was quite sunny yesterday). They fit me. Like a glove. I was meant to find these shoes.

Seriously I was wearing Chuck Taylors before I found the Sam Edelmans. Those would have made for a fine outfit, but these made for a special outfit.
But enough about my sequin shoes.
(The weird lump in my butt is my keys in my back pocket).
Recently I've been rocking basically all my necklaces at once. At least six of them, for this super boho layered look. And as jangly as it gets at work, I dig it. It dresses up a boring old grey t-shirt and makes it fashion-y. Yes I just said fashion-y.
What I'm trying to say is that everything about this outfit is easy (and quite lazy). Jeans, t-shirt, blazer, third day hair - and then you add some bling around your neck and bling on your feet, it's magic.
I'll reiterate the fact that this was third day hair. I washed it Tuesday night and this was Friday. I am the boss of my hair, it's been obeying me lately. Take control of your hair friends, don't let it dictate good days and bad days. I'll do a post one of these days about how I style my hair. Would you want that? I did a video about it about a month ago on my YouTube channel.
I do love how eclectic these necklaces are - all different colors of metal and different lengths make it seem like they don't go together, but somehow do.
Marvel at them. I just want to do an elaborate jazz number in them. "Give them the ol' razzle dazzle!"
One of those moments when you see that I clearly have no damn clue what I'm doing.
Today's post is brought to you by an eight-year-old Arctic Monkeys song, and one of my favorites of theirs. *longingly thinks about Alex Turner's hips*

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  1. I wish blogs had a like or favourite button, all I really want to let you know is that I love you're outfit :)