Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Cocktail

I have created a thing. And that thing is a pumpkin spice latte bath cocktail.

Cinders has always been my favorite bath bomb from Lush, but after I came up with this idea this morning, I fell even more in love. 

First, you'll need Cinders for the spicy cinnamon goodness. This thing is such a yummy creation, with pop rocks and cinnamon and sea salt (so great for sore muscles), but you'll have to get it before Christmas because it is seasonal.

Next, you'll need some bubbles - I've chosen the Gold Fun 4-in-1 bubble bath for some sweet caramel honey goodness. This stuff is also seasonal, but you could totally substitute Ma Bar or Honey Bee bath bomb for an equally sweet touch.

The last bit is totally optional, but if you want a tried and true "latte" you'll need some coffee. Thankfully, Sonic Death Monkey is still available online in North America (soon to be discontinued) and online in the UK. Coffee+chocolate+lime=heaven. This is one of my favorite shower gels because it's so moisturizing and smells good enough to drink. While soaking in your spicy sweet bath, lather up with this stuff (shave with it too even) and you'll get that lovely aroma of coffee, completing the pumpkin spice latte experience. If only Lush had brought back the pumpkin soap from last year (I have one from last year that I'm still using, so if you have hoarded one like me, use that as well and it will be extra luxurious.

So this was entirely frivolous, but since I took this bath this morning and loved it, I thought I'd share the "recipe" if you will on my blog. 

Do you like pumpkin spice? Is it overrated? 

But seriously though, if you're going to try anything from this cocktail - Cinders. It's the bee's knees.

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