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Hello friends! I'm here finally with my Popbasic outfit featuring the Lost Collection. As you can see, we still haven't been able to escape the rain (or the tornadoes, seriously did you hear that we had a tornado in Western Washington this week?).

I was determined to shoot this outfit, so here you go!
I love how this top looks like a man's shirt but it still has special little details that give it the feminine touch. For instance, the horizontal pinstripes along the buttons compared to the vertical stripes on the rest of the shirt - such a small detail but it adds so much interest!

My shoes are Dolce Vita Oxford Minis, which I got from Solestruck last year, a.k.a. the best SHOE WEB STORE EVER.
I paired the top with these grey pleated tuxedo shorts. They're pretty great, if you ask me. I got them several years ago from TJ Maxx and I love wearing them in spring with flowy tops and in the colder months with tights and boots. Speaking of tights - these I got from Macy's last year on sale for $4. I bought like 4 pairs because they right quite easily and I didn't want to waste that sale price.
As well as the top, I love the accessories of the Lost Collection. The amethyst necklace adds sparkle to any outfit, and it complimented the minimalist styling of this one quite well.
The lipstick I'm wearing is Nars Volga, one of the pure matte lipsticks, and my staple fall lip color.
See? We can't escape the rain.
You'll most definitely be seeing these pieces in some outfits to come, because they are so versatile.
Again thanks to Madeline from Popbasic for sending these to me!
Top: Popbasic // Shorts: TJ Maxx // Belt: Thrifted // Tights: Macy's // Necklace: Popbasic // Bracelets: Popbasic, Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Dolce Vita Mini // Lipstick: Nars Volga

Today's song for this post is by the Head and the Heart (obviously), in honor of the Lost Collection, as well as the band's new record coming out in two weeks. I'm so excited for Let's Be Still, you guys. You have no idea.

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided with the top, necklace, and bracelet for free from Popbasic. I am not being paid to write about it and this post is not sponsored.
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  1. I LOVE this outfit! I love the top, the necklace, and your shoes. Also that lipstick is going on my wish list!