We Felt The Fall

I am so excited for this weather, can you tell by my expression? I can't seem to get the "fierce face" down without ending up with "bitch face." I need to watch more ANTM. Teach me Tyra!
But I digress. It's finally started to feel like fall (you see what I did there with the title?) here in Western Washington, and I could not be happier. I get to break out my tights and boots and scarves and beanies. It's like the difference between eating cold salads and coleslaw versus hearty soups and hot dish. You just feel good when you can bundle up and heat yourself up from the inside out (or outside in) rather than having to cool yourself down when even your natural body heat is too hot for you. I'm rambling.

Seattle is the nicest in September, because we still have the lingering sunny days from summer, but it starts to get colder and the leaves start to change. That's how I've been dressing lately.
My parka is a thrifted Rocha John Rocha that I found at the Value Village in Bellingham last year, and it's my pride and joy. I rocked it all weekend in Portland when I was there for Musicfest, because it rained. Those Italics are for emphasis because it really rained. The only downside to this parka is the lack of a hood. I paired it with this black bodycon dress from Forever 21 that I stole from my sister. It's rather short, so it needs tights to make it work, or really life appropriate for that matter. It's very comfortable and not too clingy, so I didn't get overheated at work.
The tights are from American Apparel, and I'm so mad that they ripped. $16 tights should not rip, but I guess you take that risk when you buy $16 tights. My coworker told me that they looked more "edgy" that way. She's from Kansas, cut her some slack for saying "edgy."
The scarf is from Target, I believe. It's a few years old so I don't exactly know. But it's big and billowy and works with a lot of different outfits, so you'll be seeing it again soon.
I jacked the beanie from my sister, so I don't know where it's from. Neff makes a ton of different colors of beanies though, if you were looking for one like this.
My belt is also thrifted, and it matches my tights! I love burgundy, if you couldn't tell.

The last bit, and one I'm very excited about, are these ankle booties that I got from TJ Maxx last week. They're b.o.c. by Born, and they're ridiculously comfortable. I've seen b.o.c. shoes before at Famous Footwear, and they always looked so clunky and mature looking, but I guess they've made their styles a bit more hip, because these make me feel like a badass bitch. I feel like when I wear boot, I strut more. And when I strut, I feel like a confident sassy bitch. So therefore boots make me a sassy bitch.
Boots: b.o.c. by Born // Parka: Thrifted Rocha John Rocha (similar) // Dress: Forever 21 // Belt: Thrifted // Tights: American Apparel // Scarf: Target // Beanie: Not sure (similar) // Lipstick: Mac Craving

I apologize for the lack of outfits lately. My schedule has been crazy and I've been recycling a lot of outfits lately. But now that fall is here, I feel so creative. *maniacal laughter*

The song for this post is by my good friends Meagan and Kendra of Lemolo. You can check out their music here.

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  1. Wishing I had a Seattle September. Here in California it is still 85 degrees and I'm ready for my leather jacket in my life.

    Eric Jess http://ericjess.net