Treat Yo' Self

I recently purchased our H'Suan Wen Hua hair mask from work, mainly because I was curious and I've never done a hair mask before. Plus, I love smelling this stuff at work and I wanted my hair to smell like it.
Oh boy was I happy that I did, because not only did my hair smell like chai for two days (there is cinnamon in this mask) but it made my hair feel so soft after I washed my hair. I kept it in my hair for about an hour while I went about some business on a day that I didn't have to work early. I cherish those days.

While I did the mask, I treated myself to a face mask too, because why not? I was reaching the end of the life of my Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and my skin was having a bit of an itchy breakout so this cooled and calmed my skin down wonderfully while my hair ate up the eggs and bananas from the H'Suan Wen Hua.
Check out my full review of Catastrophe Cosmetic, as well as the rest of the fresh face masks (as I've done all of them now).

What's your pampering routine? Have you ever done a hair mask before? I'm a recent convert, so what are some of your favorites?

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