Halloween Costume Hunting

 Halloween is in just over a month, and I've got at least two parties that I'm planning to go to next month for the holiday (my favorite holiday, by the way) so the search for a perfect Halloween costume is in full force.

For me, costumes are a bit more difficult because I like being characters, but there are only so many characters that wear glasses. One year I decided to go as Daria, but the people I was hanging out with didn't know who Daria was, so that was a failure. La Roux was a pretty successful costume, though I only did it because I had a pixie cut at the time and it was easy to style. Last year my hair was just the right length for a Velma costume, but it wasn't that much fun. My boyfriend at the time didn't like Halloween so he didn't want to dress up as Shaggy to my Velma. 

Yesterday I struck gold. 

Have you seen this meme?
This is the hipster Disney Princess. 

You see where I'm going with this?

You can add glasses to any Disney Princess costume and make it a "hipster Disney Princess." However, I want to go all out and do my wardrobe as cliche dance party hipster as I can get. 

The first thing I found was the American Apparel Disco Pant. The only problems is that the green is more of a peacock teal color, and they're $85. I just can't justify spending $85 on a pair of shiny green pants. However, I did find a dupe for those pants from River Island (which are on sale!) and they're the exact color that I need.
 The next piece of the puzzle is a top. I have a v-neck t-shirt right now that is the right color, which would work, but I was also thinking of either of these tops.
Crop tops? How much more hipster could you get?
I'll obviously need a wig and a flounder plushie (which is easy to find because we have a Disney Store at the mall where I work). 

EDIT: I was notified by a follower on Tumblr that this shirt exists, which would almost be more perfect for the costume.
My mom has some starfish that I can fuss with to make a hair clip, and the best part is that I have a bracelet made out of a fork. Ariel brushed her hair with a fork! It's meant to be.
This was the photo that inspired me to do this, and this girl did her Hipster Little Mermaid cosplay perfectly. I just figure I'd want to wear pants instead of shorts cause it's gonna get cold. 
What are you thinking of being for Halloween? Do you wear glasses? Are you in the same boat as me in finding a costume? I thought about maybe being Where's Wanda, but again, that one wouldn't be as fun without a Waldo to match. Though a hipster Prince Eric would be kind of hilarious.
I can't get enough of these memes.

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