Lush Skincare Routine

I realize that all of my posts lately have been Lush-related, but I love the products so I'm not apologizing for anything.
I start my night routine always with removing my makeup (unless it's the morning), with Bioderma Sensibio. It's hard to get in the U.S., but I purchased mine from after seeing a recommendation from my dear friend Estée. I love this makeup remover, and it works well has a toner as well when you don't want to take a bunch of items with your if you're traveling. It's awesome, and I don't regret spending the money for the shipping.
My next step in my routine is a clay cleanser - at night I use Lush Angels on Bare Skin and in the morning I use Aqua Marina. Both are perfect for sensitive skin. AoBS is definitely the scrubbier of the two, and it's also more moisturizing with the Chamomile Blue and Lavender Oils, so it's my favorite to use at night. Aqua Marina is the gentler of the two, and the calamine in it helps mattify the skin so you don't get oily throughout the day.Next step is toner, and I use the Eau Roma Water toner spray, which is another great option for sensitive skin. I want to keep this thing in the fridge this time of year, since it's been so darn hot this week. 

Also yes, I am wearing a laser cats shirt.
Right on top of the toner I use my pride and joy holy grail moisturizer - Celestial. This stuff straight up smells like vanilla yogurt. It's that good. It's moisturizing for my dry skin, but not too heavy. It's really minimalist in terms of ingredients so it doesn't irritate my skin. It's just an all around good moisturizer. I'd say in terms of consistency, it's very similar to SteamCream, if you've ever tried that stuff from the U.K.
The last step to my routine is eye cream, and for this I use the Full of Grace solid serum. It's really emollient, and full of antioxidants (hello portabello mushrooms!) I don't use this dude in the morning though because it does leave an oily finish to the skin because it's so creamy.
I kept my little half-bar in this sample jar, easier to travel with. 
I hope this was helpful for some of you. I'm thinking of doing a video on my channel about products you have to try from Lush if you're just starting out with the brand. I know so much stuff now, so I might as well share that knowledge with my audience!

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  1. I love love loooove Lush products!!! :D Angels on Bare Skin is my favourite cleanser!