All Girl Summer Fun Times

So Sarah threw the dorkiest and girliest party the other day. Can you guess what the theme was?
Yes, this our actual Lana, but this was - in fact - a Lana Del Rey themed garden party.
We donned flower crowns and ate snacks while Instagramming the hell out of the evening, because why not? We tagged all the posts with #esgp (for endless summer garden party) if you care to check out the photos from the evening!

But since I've already got you here, we might as well check out some of the shots I got from that night.
Lana will actually be selling these flower crowns online very soon for those of you who want one.
Lindsy, Lana, and Jaquilyn

Lindsy and Jaquilyn are also local photographers, so you should jump on over to their blogs, just cause. They're dolls.

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1 comment:

  1. What a cute party theme. And those flower crowns are adorable as well. Looks like it was a very fun night judging from all the Instagram shots. :-)