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I don't always get super dressed up. Whenever I run errands, I don't always like walking into the post office or grocery store in a full getup, especially since Gig Harbor is just about the least fashion-forward town I can think of. But I can't very well walk out of the house in an ordinary, boring outfit. I've still gotta put some flair into it. I'm not in college anymore. Sweatshirts don't cut it anymore.

So as my own spin on a jeans and t-shirt, I threw on this sheer top I got from Target the other day with a split back. I'm a little bit obsessed with tops like this for some reason, as they add an element of surprise and sex appeal from the back, and make my butt look good.
Underneath it I have my lace bralette from Victoria's Secret, which I've been wearing quite a lot lately. I want a bunch more colors now besides the black. They have lavender, yellow, nude, pink, and mint I think! All the pretty colors! I like having the bralette over my actual bra so it covers me up just a little bit more, and the straps are sexier for when the neck of the shirt falls off a shoulder.
  I tested out the side of my house the other day the day's outfit, and I actually don't mind all the junk in the background. That's just what our house and yard looks like. We have a lot of old junk. There was a vintage trailer there until a few weeks ago.
 I paired this easy top with my BDG Cigarette Jeans from Urban Outfitters (similar), which I have featured at least a couple times here on the blog. They're my favorite jeans, and as soon as Urban has them on sale soon, I might have to pick myself up a red or peach pair. I just love them that much.
 I also threw on one of my favorite necklaces, one that I got from this Etsy shop a couple years ago. I love the long chain and the distressed look of the brass. Plus, it goes with pretty much everything. I might have to get something else from her one of these days.
My sandals are from Target last year. They're currently like the only pair of flat sandals that I have, so I might have to invest in a pair of Saltwater Sandals soon. Sarah featured her new pair in a post we shot a few weeks ago that I absolutely love.
These earrings are another piece from Target that I got on the clearance rack for like $2.85 or some funky number like that. If you need cheap jewelry, seriously check the Target clearance section. It's my answer to when and outfit is so simple. I accessorize! And the good thing about cheap accessories is that they can take a simple outfit like this from season to season, depending on the trends or your own personal style. Inexpensive jewelry is a good way to try out different styles to see which one fits your personality the best. 

Also my lipstick is Mac's Sounds Like Noise again, which I reviewed here.
The song that the title is reference to is a fabulous track from Sydney's PVT, who I saw a photographed back in October when they opened for Menomena. You can see photos from the show here. I quite like them, and PVT's new album Homosapien is pretty awesome, so you should check it out.

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