Damsel in Denim

You have no idea how many denim and vest puns I tried to come up with to title this post. I really invested a lot of time in it. *teehee*
Sarah and Lana (Sarah's sister, if you don't know) and I drove out to the Titlow Lodge down in University Place this week to try some cool new backdrops, and we managed to get a bunch of really cute photos - Sarah posted an assortment on her post from the shoot. It was a really fun day that I desperately needed.

I recently went through a break-up that has left me less-than-awesome if you could put it that way, so on this day particular I wanted an outfit that was super sassy and a little bit badass. I needed to feel empowered in my new singleness, so I slapped on my super high heels and a flouncy skirt and called it a day. Sarah said my denim vest made me look like a country star, which I still don't see, but I just really like denim. I've said this before.
The one thing I can buy more of now are high heels. My ex and I are the same height, so I never wore heels higher than like 2 inches when we went out. So hopefully in the next month or so I can invest in some sexy chunky heels. I've got my eye on a couple right now on Ebay actually.
I really really like this next shot. Sarah and Lana were up the steps on the lodge and saw the design around the edges of the porch. It reminds me of those vintage photos you see all the time in the antique stores with the intricate frames.
Also, these freaking tights are amazing. I got them from Urban Outfitters last year.

Earrings: Fuego // Tights: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Matiko (Karmaloop) // Skirt: H&M // Top: Target // Vest: Target

I'm so happy that Daylight Savings started today, that means that we'll have so much more time during the day to shoot! My least favourite thing is coming home from work in the dark, so Daylight Savings has come at just the perfect time, because I need all the good moods I can get. I've never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I'm sure everyone in the Northwest has just a hint of it. BRING ON THE SPRING PLEASE!

I'm getting ready to put together a lookbook for how I style my Creepers pretty soon on my YouTube channel, so I'll be posting at least one preview of the lookbook here.

Best wishes!
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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your breakup Abby, I actually recently ended a relationship of over two years so I can sympathize. Despite that shitty-ness you really pulled out all the stops with this outfit! You have definitely inspired me to search for a denim vest and a circle skirt. I love your outfit logs, keep em comin!

  2. This outfit is mighty fierce Abby, a lovely way to bust out from a break up. Sorry to hear. But...I just might rummage through the denim rack at Goodwil to find a nice vest.

  3. love how the photos turned out! Yay, can't wait for more shoots and daylight savings time!

  4. The pictures turned out so lovely. And the outfit is so bad ass! I am in love with that skirt.

    Hope you're feeling better, Abby.