Acid Washed

This has to have been the coldest first day of Spring ever. I could see my breath by the end of the day, and I did not like it one bit. So I tricked myself into feeling like Spring by throwing on this great new top I got from Nastygal the other day.
Sarah and Lana and I found a few fabulous walls on 6th Ave today, and seeing that my outfit was pretty monochromatic, I settled on the graffiti'd wall. I like using graffiti in photos, but no offense to the graffiti garages in downtown Tacoma - they're way overused. I can't say how many times I've seen photos in those exact garages (I will admit, I've used them once before, but only once).

 I have to admit, I felt particularly badass today. The acid washed top and my nose ring and the heavy accessories just felt powerful today. I don't often rock a ton of accessories at one time, but with an ensemble this simple, it screams for accessories.
 My multi metal feather necklace and arrow ring are from Fuego, and my penny bracelet and copper spoon ring on my thumb both came from a gift shop in Jerome, AZ. I traveled to the ghost town last May to shoot a wedding, and fell in love with it. While shopping around the town, I found this old historical society gift shop. And since the town was famous not only for its ghosts, but also its copper, I picked up some copper jewelry. My bright yarn bracelets came from Bumbershoot in Seattle - I get a new one every year I go.

The clutch (now sold out), spiked bangle, and turquoise ring also came from Nastygal, which I ordered at the same time as my shirt. Nastygal is definitely one of my favorite online boutiques. The name is certainly polarizing, but they've got some great stuff and some great sales.
 My sunglasses are thrifted, and will actually be on sale on Etsy very soon, so keep on the lookout for my next Etsy roundup for the linkup!
 I need to find a sexy bodycon skirt to pair with this top for a night out look, because the open back is a perfect wow factor for a concert night. And it provides much needed ventilation for summertime shows when the clubs get warmer than what I like to call "comfortable." Or there's always Sasquatch.

My jeans are BDG High Rise Cigarette Jeans from Urban Outfitters, and my ankle boots are the Diba Kayden Bootie, and they came from DSW last year.
 Sarah had been meaning to have me try on her leather jacket lately for me to model for her Etsy page and OY VEY why do I not have the money to buy this thing off her? It's so gorgeous and soft. It doesn't fit the best around my boobs, but when it's left open it looks so badass.
 Now I really do need to find a great leather jacket. New quest underway!

Best wishes!

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  1. Love the outfit and the photographs!

  2. Dude that leather jacket looks really hot on you. The photos turned out great, so proud of myself hahaha. And duh you're a great subject.

  3. The pictures are ridiculously AMAZING! Sarah did such an amazing job and that outfit is freaking bad ass.