Frankenstein Shoes

When I first bought these shoes on Black Friday, I'd been wanting a pair of stand out shoes for awhile, and like I said in my last post - I can't really do the whole Lita thing, because I would even more giant than I already am. But after a friend of mine from YouTube bought her Creepers, I fell in love with them. They reminded me of like 80s punk rock and sca bands. I don't know why. And now that I look at them in photos, they don't look as "mondo" as the title suggests. 

When I first put them on, my mom said they looked like "Frankenstein shoes." I can't say I disagree, but a really fashion forward Frankenstein.
It was raining that day when Sarah and I were shooting, so we were in and out of her little dollhouse, but thankfully I was wearing a damn rain coat anyway.
The coat is John Rocha from Debenhams, but funnily enough I found it at the Goodwill in Bellingham. Someone had put a seam through the sleeves to make the wrist opening smaller, but I took a seam ripper to them to loosen them up.
The vest is Cabela's, but I can assure you that it hasn't seen any elk or pheasant deaths. At least I don't think so. I "borrowed" it from my sister's closet, but we do that a lot.

The top is Forever 21 - again I wish I never have to say that again because of how much I dislike that store. But it is a nice shirt - nice and simple.

And these jeans - oh how my love affair with BDG Cigarette jeans has blossomed. I own...4 pairs in different colors, and I finally got myself a black pair last month when I realized I didn't really have any pants remotely dressy to wear when shooting winter weddings. Sometimes dresses just aren't appropriate. They are just as comfortable as leggings, and not obscenely priced at $58 (but Urban Outfitters often has sales on them for $39). The next pair I want to get is either a plum or a red.
I already spoke in depth about my Creepers, but I'll just tell you now that I got them from, one of my favourite new online shops. That and Dollskill and Modcloth. Darn online window shopping.
My sister and I each got a neat timepiece from a street vendor at a market in Melbourne, Australia last year. It was similar to Pike Place, but like three times bigger. I honestly think this one was hers though. My bad.
 I had Sarah take a photo of my makeup, because I quite liked it that day, and it's just a little variation on a tutorial I uploaded back in September with my friend Rachel. 

And my hat is a vintage Ambassador Fedora that my mom found at a junk store in Port Orchard a few years back. It was my first foray into the world of fedoras, and it's still my favourite one to wear in winter time. It's so well-made. But that's what I always expect when buying vintage.
 Sarah and I actually filmed a little video of our outfits that I uploaded to my YouTube channel a few days ago, which I now realize I probably should have uploaded the same day as the blog post, but oh well. We might do more videos along the way if we have extra time. As you can see, Sarah's a little weird at talking to a camera, but hopefully she'll get the hang of it.

I have a couple of affiliate links on the side of the blog now, from Glamour Doll Eyes - my favourite indie eyeshadow brand, and Sigma - which are some of my favourite makeup brushes. 

If you have a blog, leave a comment below and I'd love to check it out and maybe we can share the love!

Also leave comments below if you have any ideas for weekly outfit themes for Sarah and I. I thought it might be kind of fun to have ideas in the back of our heads when coming up with outfits. Keep the creative juices flowing!

Best wishes!

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