Down in Rose City

I'd say that Portland is my second favourite city. 

I joined some friends this weekend for a mini-trip to Portland on Thursday. They are still there, but I came home last night since I had to work today. We spent the couple days testing out card games, walking around the city, getting accosted by homeless people and angry skateboarders, searching for our favourite Korean barbecue food truck, and watching Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Oh the bird noises, the terrible, terrible bird noises. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do.

But while we were there, I couldn't help but notice how damn fashionable and adorable some of my friends are. So I made them pose for me for some street-style pictures.

Jacket: Target. Scarf: H&M. Boots: Madden Girl. Skirt: H&M. Tights: Macy's. Top: Cotton On. (Australian shop) Bag: Thrifted.

This is my friend Raven - she plays music on the YouTubes.
Jacket: Forever 21. Boots: Forever 21. Scarf: Target. Top: Urban Outfitters. Pants: Forever 21.

This is Morgan. She also makes videos on the YouTubes.

Boots: Macy's. Tights: Forever 21. Dress: H&M. Sweater: Goodwill. Jacket: Buffalo Exchange.
This is Brooke. She doesn't have a YouTube, but she does have a Tumblr. Also, she's adorable.
Shoes: Thrifted Doc Martens. Pants: H&M. T-Shirt (not visible): Forever 21. Jacket: TJ Maxx.

See? Don't I have stylish friends? When Brooke told me that she found those Docs for $10 at a thrift store, I couldn't believe it.

I miss Portland already, though. I kind of liked doing this street style thing with them, to show off their great style on this blog, not just mine!

Here, have some bonus photos of our food truck finds. Korean barbecue and an EPIC grilled cheese sandwich.

Best wishes!

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